Active Fiction eBook published by Vancouver Public Library

Remember that time I wrote an off-brand “choose your own adventure” story? That story—along with seven other Vancouver-inspired literary creations—is now part of an eBook published by the Vancouver Public Library! Check out Active Fiction: Literary Fiction & Public Space in Vancouver to read work by:

  • Francine Cunningham
  • Dina Del Bucchia
  • Meredith Hambrock
  • Sarah Higgins
  • Brittany Huddart
  • Kari Lund-Teigen
  • Daniel Zomparelli
  • Me!

The stories are accompanied by rad photos to give you a sense of where each chunk of narrative was originally installed as part of the Active Fiction Project. Thanks to Jaspal Marwah of the Vancouver Public Space Network for all his work pulling that project—and this book—together. Interested readers can sign it out via the VPL website. An interactive meat raffle on Main Street is now just a download away!

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