Interview with Ayelet Tsabari

My interview with the super talented Ayelet Tsabari is now posted on Nineteen Questions! I’ve been a big fan of Ayelet’s work for a long time, and had the good fortune of publishing one of her memoir pieces at PRISM. She spoke to me about literary agents, revision strategies, bravery, and much more. You can check out the interview here.

And since you’ll want to read  her work after hearing her insightful answers, here are some links:

You and What Army (Nonfiction – PDF)

Victim (Nonfiction – PDF)

The Best Place on Earth (Information about her debut short story collection)



“Veneers” is one of Joyland’s Most Read Stories of the Year

I was so pleased to hear that my short story “Veneers” was one of Joyland’s most read stories of 2015! Thanks, Joyland readers, for taking a chance on a celebrity dentistry love triangle. You can read “Veneers” here, along with rad stories from writers across North America—I’m honoured to be in such great company!