Cutting edge dental fiction

One of my short stories is featured on Joyland this month! It’s a comedic tale of celebrity dental hygiene that required me to Google the following: Joyland

  • Dangling thing throat
  • Dental hygiene school
  • Hip LA artist
  • Ritzy LA suburb
  • Fancy LA suburb
  • Expensive LA suburb
  • Distance from LA to Humbolt
  • Celebrity teeth
  • American celebrity teeth
  • Tooth names
  • Celebrity veneers?
  • Boulder Colorado
  • Art school Colorado
  • What is a unit of pain called
  • What’s that word for a sudden flash of pain
  • Spasm thesaurus
  • LA brunch place
  • LA celebrity dinner
  • Root canal process
  • Root canal tiny tool

Sufficiently intrigued? Read the piece here!

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